Saturday, 18 February 2012

Threadless loves Weird- Invisible Ink

My entry for the Threadless loves weird comp, feel free to vote if you can!!

Invisible Ink - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Threadless loves Pinups Contest- entry "Catch of the Day"

Well friends, I've finally decided to get my work out there into comps! Here is my entry for's Pinup contest! Please pop over to the site to vote for "Catch of the Day" so my merry mermaid can be printed!! <3

Catch of the Day - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More vote here or if the link doesn't work, vote here

Friday, 20 January 2012

Fitness Gone Wilde Identity work

Fitness Gone Wilde is the name of Luke Wilde's new Personal Trainer group. I was asked to design him a logo and business card to help him get started. I wanted to create a design that was different from other fitness trainer's cards; no trace of sport or the human figure, and an emphasis on the name only, while still creating something that is edgy, simple and cool.

This is the logo I came up with, joining the letters and adding a unique custom pattern over the top.
 And this the front and back of the business cards

2011 Christmas Cards

This year I wanted to design my cards using only typography as the graphic element and the lyrics of a christmas carol, my favourite being Carol of the Bells. I made simple geometric patterns in illustrator in various colour ranges and used them to create the final touch.

These were the patterns I made and used

Nicole Eyles, Set Designer/Manager Business Cards

A commission for my friend Nicole to design her business cards. As she's a set designer I instantly thought of using doll house furniture and taking a photo from above, making it look like set blocking for a stage, while the back of the card looks like an identity stamp on blue prints or set designs.

Peter Alexander Pattern work, 'Up & Away'- Portfolio Pieces

Another dream job piece, designing the patterns for a spring/ summer collection from Peter Alexander based around the theme of 'Up & Away'- vintage air travel and whimsical dreams including planes, zeppelins, hot air balloons, balloons in general, cloud animals and of course, including designs featuring Peter Alexander's love of animals.
I made a nighty and photoshoped the patterns over the top to see how they worked on fabric.

Penguin Book Illustration- 2011

This project was a dream job one- pretending I had been asked to design the book jackets for some of my favourite books; Dracula, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. I used my skills in paper art to cut out scenes from the books, then scanned them with a background pattern that complemented the image and the book. The background for the Peter Pan cover was from the Hubble Telescope free image gallery.
I was trying to create covers that were different and unique and something that I'd pick up myself. I had them printed then photographed them as if they were real to see how well they did or didn't work.

Jaded Minds CD & Identity Work-2011

Jaded Minds is a fictitious band I made up for one of my portfolio projects. They're an Australian, all girl, indie, alternative rock band out of Sydney, they're so cool they don't even exist yet. 
I used my skills in paper art to create the image of the woman's head and the world inside it (on the cover) and then extended this idea for the poster, CD, t-shirts and totes. 
I also had to create a lyric book, and above is an example of one of the pages showing the lyrics for their song Le Carrousel Mystique (which is actually the lyrics from The Woods by Emmy the Great) and one of the illustrations I did for the booklet showing the band. And yes, I was a member of this band, I provided the "vibes" to the ensemble.