MAD MEN tribute to my Uni girls- 2012

Blog Banner Current

My current banner is based around my lovely typewriter at home. She has no tape left, but I wanted to make a design that showed how much I still love her and so this became an ode to my desk I suppose.
Blog Banner 1

This banner was my original one, with my avatar and deer friend. I just wanted something that was entirely mine and colourful!
Profile Picture and logo

These were my initial profile pictures based around my logo in different colours.
Vector Illustration

This image was one of my first attempts at illustrating in illustrator freehand. They were going to be used as the girls in my Folk Festival poster, but I went down the paper art path instead.
Initial Girl for the Folk Festival Poster

Just before I bought a whole stack of construction paper and started my final Folk Festival poster, this was the girl I was going to use. The hair in the final poster and the colour scheme is based on this drawing.
Invisible Ink Poster

A commission piece I made for my friend. She liked strange simple images, and wanted something she could turn into a tattoo if she wanted to later on.
Little Red

Little Red spread layout

The original illustration for my Little Red Riding Hood review for Pendulum Magazine. She is based on Amanda Seyfried and her portrayal of the character.
Beau Tea

Beau Tea Poster- Peppermint tea

Beau Tea was another project for Pendulum Magazine. We had to make a design based on our experiences at a certain time on a certain day. I had 2- 4 pm on a Friday and at that time I was having tea with a friend discussing life and love. I came up with this piece and proposed that it could be used for a fictional tea company producing peppermint tea (for which it comes with the full brewing instructions).
The Dreamcatcher- Story and Illustration

The Dreamcatcher was my final project for my illustration class this year. We had to come up with our stories and drawings to tell in a comic or book form. I decided to write a children’s story and came up with the magical character of the Dreamcatcher. The story was simple and so I decided to make my drawings less refined and more patterned and simplistic to suit it. After many consultations with my lecturer, I am quite proud of the final outcome.