Friday, 20 January 2012

Jaded Minds CD & Identity Work-2011

Jaded Minds is a fictitious band I made up for one of my portfolio projects. They're an Australian, all girl, indie, alternative rock band out of Sydney, they're so cool they don't even exist yet. 
I used my skills in paper art to create the image of the woman's head and the world inside it (on the cover) and then extended this idea for the poster, CD, t-shirts and totes. 
I also had to create a lyric book, and above is an example of one of the pages showing the lyrics for their song Le Carrousel Mystique (which is actually the lyrics from The Woods by Emmy the Great) and one of the illustrations I did for the booklet showing the band. And yes, I was a member of this band, I provided the "vibes" to the ensemble. 

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