Saturday, 20 August 2011

Daily Inspiration- Window Displays

So, my apologies to miss Rosie as to the lateness of this post, I was shopping and thus today's theme of window displays :)

So I understand that this image is not a window display, but I thought it was still rather swish

Coolest use of plates ever!

So it took me a couple of glances to realise that these were etch-a-sketches. yep.

Ahh, balloon animals, never fails.

Alice in Wonderland will be one of those themes that will probably never die. But it's still cool.

I thought these two images was a fabulous way to display clothes, I'm not quite sure how they were done, and I wasn't able to find the artist who did unfortunatly.

Probably not the best way to display a product, unless that product was balloons

I'd probably go into a store if the window displays were this excentric, like above too

These two images are ever so clever and cool, I assumed they were fun to make also :)

Having a current obsession with sewing, this was lovely to find

I feel as though Anthropologie has some of the best window displays :)

A vintage camera display at Defunct Levi's Workshop

Disassembled Pentax Camera, displaying all the parts so cleanly

Ahh shoes, I think this is someone's personal collection, not a store. Impressive.

Another display from the same Alice in Wonderland collection  as earlier

How to display your illustrations effectively!

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