Saturday, 27 August 2011

Daily Inspiration- Art Deco

After coming back to my home town, I was excited to find the local museum had an Art Deco exhibition on, very cool to see!!

Tatra T87 Sedan

Modern Art Deco Pub by Seinfeld Architects

Henderson Art Deco Custom Motorcycle

Contemporary Art Deco living room

Moscow Subway Station

Green Lantern Poster by *rodolforever

Art Deco Pottery Toucan Hand-Painted Pitcher Ditmar-Urbach Style circa 1930s or 40s

Art Deco movie theatre

Pixar Art Deco UP posters

The Broadway, Barking 1930: London Art Deco Interior

Sleeping Woman by Tamara de Lempicka

Art Deco Window pannels

Art Deco Chrysoprase Gold Enamel Bracelet

Paris Poster

Amazing Peacock Shoes!!!       

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