Friday, 19 August 2011

Daily Inspiration- Collage Frames

Having a bit of an obsession with interior design and picture frames, this seemed like the best way to start my friday inspiration :)

This image can be found here

love the retro feel of this one

I'm not sure what I love most about this one, the frames or the chair

I liked how this one used clips instead of frames, and it's still effective

So basically love everything in this image :)

My friend would call this one installation art, I'd still use it to hold my photos

Find this one here with many other cool images

Just a pretty picture

So this is my favourite one, so rustic and perfect

Ah the cleverness of you

I love how this one breaks up the photos with blocks of colour

Making ones own art gallery

Lovely office space, other really cool imags can be found here

An example of the 'I wish I thought of that' factor

Again, love it all

One day, I will have a house with spaces as cool as these

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  1. Megan , great work , im doing a similar feel to my office space , inspiring , thank you , David McKay